IELTS Listening tips : Capital letters

In IELTS listening, can we use capital letters when we are transferring our listening answers to the answer sheet?, the answer is yes.
Please be noted that, using or not using capital letters has no impact on your IELTS Score in Listening section.
However, if you decide to use lowercase letters, you have to consider the following rules:

– If you are writing the name of a person or a place the first letter has to be capital.

– Never use “I” in lowercase.

– Use capital letter at the beginning of the sentence, after a full stop.

– Use capital letters for holidays, days, months, …

– For abbreviations for example USA

– For countries, cities, towns, regions, places, …

– For people’s names

– For nationalities

– For religions

– For Companies

– For titles or professions

– Title of songs, books, headings

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